Over the past months and years, a number of people stepped up, bringing together and moving forward with the Restoration Plan for South Africa.Most of you contributed and for that we say, THANK YOU because we need all hands-on deck!. Each one brought from their hearts to contribute, to benefit the renewed South Africa we are longing for. No-one is placed in a position of authority over another, but we all definitely are LEADERS in our respective fields

A while back we had this discussion on the group about everyone who has stepped up, even just to join the group(s); YOU are a leader! Wherever you are, whatever you do – you are one of those that others are waiting on to show the way. Not all people are “way makers” as many people need someone to show the way and then they will show up themselves to do what needs to be done. We are at that junction right now!

Each one of the Leaders Team placed info on the table, joined the Think Tank groups and spent time to put heads together bringing their expertise, skills, time and their precious self to the table.

We welcome and appreciate each one of them!