Care Assurance

Care Assurance

The Assurance card will provide access to health and wellness treatments, practices, services, protocols, devices, technology, and products to all human beings, globally. This is provided at no cost to all members and there is no cost to become a member.

Care Assurance provides coverage for most types of holistic treatments, medical procedures, and preventative care.

Care Assurance is the evolution of Health Insurance and represents the biggest shift in the history of health care. Unlike typical health insurance that is available in the event that you become ill or have an accident, Assurance provides access for you to stay healthy.

Care Pets Assurance

Care Pets Assurance

Pet Assurance provides access to medical and wellness treatments and products for domesticated pets worldwide. It includes veterinarian services such as office visits, medical treatments, procedures, surgeries, diagnostics, testing, therapies, and products such as pharmaceuticals, food and nutritional supplements to include dogs, cats, birds and horses.

This program does not cover livestock or undomesticated animals.

Care Essentials

Care Essentials

Essentials covers essential items for families such as food, diapers, personal care items, household cleaning items and childcare/after-school care for families worldwide, if needed. It also includes gap pay for those earning less than a living wage for their region, death benefits, long-term care, special needs children and adults, maternity leave, paternity leave, short-term and long-term disability.

GHWC is preparing to serve .......

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Possibilities of the Assurance cards

GHWC (Global Health and Wellness Consortium)

The Global Assurance Card is in preparation to be rolled out to EVERY ONE living on planet Earth.

You heard it right for all 8 billion and counting. Please see the fuller picture by going to the Web site

This platform will be of use to ask questions, offer your suggestions and together prepare for this soon coming treat.

Care Assurance

  • Medical treatments
  • as well as preventative care such as Vitamins
  • Palliative care
  • Dental visits & teeth treatments
  • Eye health
  • The choice will always be yours to go where you want to, but it will always be recommended to get assistance that will help you and not further harm you

Care Pet Assurance

  • Quality of life for our pets
  • Medical treatments as well as preventative care & products to support your pet if you are unable to do so

CareĀ  Essentials


  • School Nutrition – Food for kids at school and if needed kids can take food home for rest of family


  • Eliminating the extreme poverty Gap
  • Diapers and baby food
  • Clothes
  • Gap cover
    • for food & accommodation
    • allowing Mom to stay at home with children


  • Gap cover for food & accommodation
  • Nappies
  • Wheelchairs
  • Get care at home
  • Outings & daily activities
  • Exercise classes
  • Bowling


  • Wheelchairs
  • Therapy
  • Outing & events
  • Art classes
  • Adult centers
  • Nappies
  • Care-giver visits at home

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The functions of GHWC

To provide emotional, physical and mental care for all.

To continually evaluate and improve services and products available to members, including research for advancement of health protocols, treatments and technologies.

To assist governments in strengthening health services globally.

To furnish assistance and necessary aid in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.

To work cohesively with other divisions and/or agencies within the Global Peace and Restoration Consortium

To work in cooperation with other specialized groups, for the improvement of nutrition, food and water, and other aspects of improving the environment for the health and well-being of humanity.

To provide natural and holistic healthcare and wellness practices, treatments, services and products to include traditional medical treatments, procedures and pharmaceuticals.

To provide trauma recovery services for all members who need it, to include, but not limited to, abuse, torture, PTSD, and human trafficking worldwide.

To improve standards of teaching and training in the health, wellness, integrative medicine and related professions.

To expose harmful practices in any health organization in any State or Country and to provide solutions for the damage done.

To provide services and solutions for those afflicted with addiction

To provide education to the public on matters of health and wellness.